Maggie Rogers is coming back on April 12 with the new album Don’t Forget Me. The Capitol Records release is led by the title track. Watch the music video for “Don’t Forget Me” below.

Rogers wrote her new album over five days in December 2022 and January 2023. She worked on her Surrender follow-up with co-producer Ian Fitchuk at New York’s Electric Lady Studios. (Coincidentally, Kacey Musgraves just announced a new album, Deeper Well, that she also recoded with Fitchuk at Electric Lady Studios.) Shawn Everett mixed Don’t Forget Me, and longtime Rogers collaborator Emily Lazar mastered the album.

“Eight of the ten songs were written with my sole collaborator and teammate on this album, Ian Fitchuk,” Maggie Rogers explained. “The other two songs I uncovered on my own and were the product of my long friendship with Lee Foster, the Electric Lady manager who, in the days before Christmas, realized I was on a roll and gifted me an extra day of studio time to keep working and catching the songs coming through my hands.”

“Ian and I co-produced the album together, and he plays most of the instruments on the album,” Rogers continued. “He’s such an amazingly gifted player and feeler, and has become an even better friend. We had never worked together before this record, but in late November of 2022, I had a whispering feeling that we could make something interesting together and I DM’d him out of the blue wondering if he’d be open to give it a shot. I’m so grateful he said yes. These songs and session days are a record of our first time meeting in person, and it’s so exciting to feel that we’ve only just scratched the surface.”

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Maggie Rogers: Don’t Forget Me

Don’t Forget Me:

01 It Was Coming All Along
02 Drunk
03 So Sick of Dreaming
04 The Kill
05 If Now Was Then
06 I Still Do
07 On & On & On
08 Never Going Home
09 All the Same
10 Don’t Forget Me

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