Mark Zuckerberg tried an Apple Vision Pro and he didn’t like it. Or rather – he thinks Meta’s Quest 3 headset is better. That shouldn’t shock anyone, after all, Mark Zuckerberg is Meta’s CEO, so of course he’s going to say that.

Still, if you want to hear Mark’s thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro, here you go.

In case you couldn’t listen, the gist of it is this. The Quest 3 is seven times less expensive, but it’s not just better value than the Vision Pro, it’s “a better product, period”. “Overall, Quest is better for the vast majority of things that people use mixed reality for”, Zuckerberg says.

If you missed the text at the top, the entire video is shot with the Quest 3’s Mixed Reality Passthrough. He also says the Quest is much more comfortable, with no wires to get in the way when you move around, the field-of-view is wider and the screen is brighter.

Quest is also “a lot crisper” since the Vision Pro apparently has some motion blur. Both products support hand tracking and Zuckerberg thinks the Quest’s is a little bit better, but Apple’s eye tracking “is really nice” so Meta will bring back the eye tracking sensors from the Quest Pro in the future.

At the end, he picks on Apple fanboys as a bonus, while letting everyone know that in the XR space, Meta will be “the open model” like Microsoft/Windows was for computers, whereas Apple is still Apple and represents “the closed model”. You get no points for guessing which of these will win in his opinion.

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