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This week at ProBlogger, we’re diving deep into a topic close to every blogger’s heart: how to keep the momentum going, no matter what life throws your way. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, maintaining your blog’s momentum is key to its success.

Last week, we talked about the initial planning stages of a blog that will help to create a sustainable blog for the long term. But let’s be real, most of you reading this already have your blogs up and running. So, today, we’re shifting gears to focus on how to keep that blog thriving, especially through the unpredictable waves of life that might often bring blogging to a halt (many of which I covered here).

Planning for Life’s Big Moments

What ‘life events’ do you have coming up that could potentially break the momentum of your blog?

Life’s big events—be it a joyous occasion like a wedding or the arrival of a new family member, or the exciting transition of taking a holiday or starting a new job—can throw a wrench in your blogging routine. The key here is anticipation and planning. Ask yourself: What big events do I have on the horizon? How can they impact my blogging schedule, and what steps can I take now to prepare?

With some forward thinking the impact of such events can be minimised (and even alleviated). Options for handling these planned interruptions range widely.

You might consider:

These strategies are all legitimate – but it’s important to know what you’ll do, to communicate this to your readers and to especially think about how you’ll reengage with your blogging after the event (more on this shortly).

Dealing with the Unexpected

What would I do if some unexpected life event made it difficult or impossible to blog?

Then there are those life events we can’t plan for—illness, loss, emergencies. While we can’t predict these, we can think ahead about how we’d handle our blogging commitments during such times. Who could you call on to help keep your blog running? Do you have a contingency plan, like a set of evergreen posts ready to publish, or a way to let your readers know you’re taking a break?

I don’t have specific contingency plans for my blogs for these events but have given it some thought. I do know that on my main blogs there are other bloggers that I could approach to take on some of the load (voluntarily or paid) in an emergency. I also have a couple of people who have administrative rights to my blogs in case of an emergency (sort of like giving a friend a key to your house in case you lock yourself out).

For some the contingency plan might simply be a post telling readers that there will be no blogging for the next period of time due to whatever reason you might have. For others it might mean involving others in a blog, having some backup posts ready to go, having a series of questions for bloggers to discuss on your topic, a lighter blogging frequency etc.

Reengaging After a Break

How will you reengage with your blog after a period away from it?

Taking a break from blogging is important. I try to do this both on a micro level (breaks throughout the day and days off each week) but also on a macro level (extended breaks/vacations).

I’m pretty good at taking extended breaks – but find it difficult to get back into the rhythm of blogging when I return.

Here’s how I tackle it:

  • Ease back into it – don’t expect to jump back in at full speed. Give yourself time to catch up on comments, emails, and your reading list.
  • Plan for a buffer – extend your break by a day or two on either end to give yourself time to catch up. This isn’t just about extending the holiday but about managing the workload waiting for you.
  • Set a deadline – announce your return in advance to create accountability for yourself.
  • Start slow – gradually ramp up your posting frequency. Let your readers know you’re getting back into the swing of things and might need a bit of time to return to your normal schedule.

Sometimes a break also offers the chance to recalibrate and change how you work. You might want to consider how to make your blogging life easier.

Next, we’ll explore practical tips to help you maintain your blog’s momentum. Stay tuned!

But for now, remember: blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about pacing yourself, planning for the highs and lows, and knowing that it’s okay to take a step back when life demands it. You’ve got this.


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