Just like the Mac version, Luminar for iPad offers a number of features to help edit any image.

One of the highlights of the editor is four AI-powered tools—Enhance AI, Sky AI, Structure AI, and Relight AI. With those, you can do a number of tasks like replacing skies, unlocking details, and relighting a photo with a single click.

When editing, you can switch between three different modes, Development, Sky, and Filters depending on what you want to accomplish.

Developer offers basic adjustments for things like color correction like exposure, temperature, tint, and more. With Filters, you can choose from a wide variety of options that offer color correction and that pay homage to the results from different analog film cameras.

With the Sky mode, you can easily replace the sky with options like a sunrise or lightning.

The app offers full Apple Pencil support for more precision editing and enhanced editing control.

And the app can be used on more than just the iPad. You can edit your photos on the Apple Vision Pro.

No matter your photo editing experience, the app is way to use and feature a fun UI with nostalgic elements like dials and knobs. When you’re looking for the perfect filter, you can even hear the click of film loading.

Luminar for iPad is a free download on the App Store now. It’s for both the iPad and Vision Pro.

You’ll need a subscription to use the app. There are three payment options available—$4.99 per month, $19.99 for six months, and $29.99 yearly. All three choices have a free, seven-day trial.

Vision Pro users will be able to take advantage of the app for free until June 5.

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