Epic RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a lot of fighting. Like a lot. Naturally, you’ll want to up your damage output, cast buffs and debuffs to get through these fights, but healing materia is one of the most essential orbs you can snag and slap into your weapon or armor.

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I’ve gathered up all the materia (be jealous, Yuffie) that’ll heal you, revive you, cure status conditions, and in general keep you in the fight for longer in this guide. Plus, if you’re ready to take on Hard Mode, you’ll be locked out of using items. That means no X-Potions or Mist Giga-Potions. Factoring restorative materia into builds is mandatory for any Hard Mode run.

Some of these materia are green Magic materia, while others are purple Complete or yellow Command. If you’re not sure of the differences, check out general materia guide for some basics. Otherwise, here’s where to find all the materia to keep your HP up! (Yes, including HP Up!).

Healing Materia

Healing materia lets you cast Cure to start, and then Cura, Regen*, and eventually Curaga as you earn more AP. Characters with a high Magic stat will heal the most when casting. You can find Healing materia in the following locations (in addition to Cloud having an orb equipped at the start of the game):

  • Most materia and item vendors
  • Reward for “Grasslands Region Intel: Level 1” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator
  • The Cast Break Room of the Gold Saucer
  • The Hall of Diversion in the Cave of the Gi, rewarded for dropping the faded materia in front of Bugenhagen
  • Reward for an A-rank in six Piano mini-game performances

*Regen causes you to regenerate HP. Fun fact, it also cancels out Poison. You won’t get the Regen status effect if you cast it on someone with Poison, but it’s a simple solution if you’re not using items or you don’t have Cleansing materia equipped.

Revival Materia

Revival materia lets you raise your dead comrades in battle. It starts with Raise as the first spell, which revives and restores a decent amount of HP. After earning 5,000 AP you’ll be able to cast Arise, which revives a character for full hit points. You can find Revive Materia from the following locations:

  • Sold by most item and materia vendors after chapter 9
  • Reward for “Nibel Region Intel: Level 2” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator

I personally have Revive equipped on every character. I suspect there are more economical solutions, but it grants me peace of mind knowing everyone can resurrect someone.

Reraise Materia

Reraise will allow a character to automatically revive themselves after getting knocked out. It does cost 35 MP to cast, so while it may grant peace of mind, it sure is expensive. You can find Reraise materia in these locations:

  • Developed with Chadley from Meridian Ocean Intel*
  • Developed with Chadley from Meridian Ocean

*You’ll be able to earn Data Points from the Meridian Ocean once you complete all Protorelic activities in other regions of the world.

Cleansing Materia

Starting with Poisona, which cures Poison, Cleansing materia will level up to grant Esuna, and then eventually Resist. The former cures any negative status effect while the latter gives you immunity to them. You can find Cleansing materia in the following locations:

  • Sold by most item and materia vendors starting from chapter six
  • Found during the “Where The Wind Blows” side-quest in the Grasslands
  • Reward for “Junon Region Intel: Level 2” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator

Chakra Materia

A Command (yellow) materia, Chakra heals for a percentage of the damage you’ve taken. It scales up as the materia earns more AP from combat thusly: 20% of damage taken, 25%, 30%, 35%, and then 40%. As a Command materia, it’s not found in Spells, but rather Abilities. You can source Chakra materia from the following places:

  • Tifa’s starting materia loadout
  • Purchasable from most materia and item shops
  • Reward for Crunch-Off at the gym in Corel
  • In the Water Grotto at Cosmo Canyon
  • In the Temple of the Ancients after the first gravity shift

Prayer Materia

Prayer heals all party members and doesn’t cost MP as it’s a Command materia. It can be leveled up via AP five times, with each level increasing the amount of healing dealt. You can find Prayer materia in the following places:

  • Purchasable from most item and materia shops in chapter 10 and onwards
  • Part of Aerith’s starting materia loadout
  • In a chest near Phenomenon Intel 4 in Gongaga

I ended up leaving Prayer materia behind in favor of linking Magnify materia with Healing materia. Cait Sith has Magnify equipped when he joins your party. You can otherwise find it in the Northern Ridge area of Mt. Nibel and after completing the Victim of Circumstance side-quest, as well as Brutal Challenge: Hellions’ Intonement in Chadley’s Combat scenario. It’s a pretty powerful materia that I found was most effective when connected to restorative materia and ones that buff statuses.

HP Absorption Materia

You’ll need to link this materia with an elemental spell. Once done, you can cast that spell and have its damage converted into healing. You can find HP Absorption materia from the following locations:

  • Develop with Chadley from Corel Region Intel (you can create a maximum of two orbs this way)

HP Up Materia

As a purple, Complete materia, HP Up doesn’t heal you. It does, however, raise your HP from 10% at its early level to 30% at max. You can find HP Up in the following places:

  • Part of Yuffie’s starting loadout
  • Purchasable at most item and materia vendors
  • Reward for “Combat Training: Beginner’s Hall” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator
  • In a boat on Under Junon’s shore
  • Earn an A-Rank on a performance of “On Our Way” on Piano
  • In a corner at the Event Square’s Golden Theater at the Gold Saucer
  • In the Dustbowl Bandit’s Bluff
  • Reward for “Gongaga Region Intel: Level 2” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator

You can stack HP Up materia for a maximum of an extra 30%. Note that when leveled all the way up, HP Up will already boost your HP by 30%, so while stacking might be a quick fix early on, it’s more economical to level up multiple instances of it and equip them across different characters (Barret is a good choice since he’s an excellent tank).

While it does help to think of materia in terms of its color-coded categories, I found that I was most effective in combat when I considered broader functionality of materia, regardless of the color-coding. No matter how you approach materia or how you spec out certain characters, materia inspires a kind of RPG character spec tinkering that has clearly withstood the test of time having originated in 1997.

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