There are three versions of the Xiaomi Redmi Pad so far – regular, Pro and SE – but none of them offers 5G connectivity. That will change soon as CEO Lei Jun shared that a 5G variant of the Redmi Pad Pro is in the works and that has now appeared on TENAA as well.

The slate has a model number 24074RPD2C with the “C” standing for China. Two other variants have been spotted: 24074RPD2G (Global) and 24074RPD2I (India).

The 5G variant is supposed to have the same specs as the current Wi-Fi only model, except for the connectivity. This means a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset, a 12.1” 120Hz IPS LCD and a 10,000mAh battery with 33W charging.

Xiaomi Redmi Pad Pro 5G goes up on TENAA
Xiaomi Redmi Pad Pro 5G goes up on TENAA

Xiaomi Redmi Pad Pro 5G goes up on TENAA

TENAA provides a photo of the Redmi Pad Pro 5G, but there isn’t much to see. And the specs listed may need to be corrected as they only list a 4,900mAh battery (it’s possible that this is one cell of a dual-cell battery).

The 5G model, like its Wi-Fi sibling, will support Network Sync, says Lei Jun. Network Sync is a one-tap solution to connect the tablet to your phone’s hotspot, but that is obviously a lot more useful on a tablet that doesn’t bring its own 5G modem.

Xiaomi tends to pick model numbers that correspond to the launch date, e.g. the Xiaomi 14 has a model number 23127PN0CC and it was announced in 2023 in December (hence 23.12…). The 2407… model number of the Redmi Pad Pro 5G suggests a July launch.

PS. we have already reviewed the vanilla Remdi Pad and the SE (links below) and we are in the process of reviewing the Redmi Pad Pro as well.

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