The vivo X100 Pro might be the new king of the hill, it certainly came out of last week’s poll with glowing results. The company hasn’t announced its plans for the rollout outside of China and that was one of the primary concerns that people had – vivo has a wide distribution, but it’s not quite global.

So, the popularity of the X100 Pro will shift in the coming months as the company brings the flagship to new markets. There is something else that is currently unknown, the price, and that was another concern that people had – it’s a cutting edge device and it is bound to be pricey.

Weekly poll results: the vivo X100 Pro is a star, some doubts hang over the vanilla X100

If you don’t want to spend Pro money, there is the regular vivo X100, which is 20% cheaper than its sibling (based on the Chinese pricing). Some people in the comments said that they actually prefer the vanilla model over the Pro, but the poll results suggest that they are in the minority.

That’s not to say that the X100 won’t be successful, it has a lot of potential, especially if it proves its mettle in reviews. After all, the X100 is nearly identical to the X100 Pro, it’s mainly lacking in the telephoto department (70mm lens vs. 100mm).

Weekly poll results: the vivo X100 Pro is a star, some doubts hang over the vanilla X100

The similarity between the two phones is hurting the X100 in other ways too. Some really prefer a flat display, for example, which could have been an extra incentive to pick the vanilla phone over the Pro.

The vivo X100 and X100 Pro became available in China earlier this week and in just the first day of sales the duo cracked CNY 1 billion. That’s the best reception of any vivo phone ever, so it’s safe to say that these two are already a success.

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